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The Truck

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Mount Totumas Cloud Forest now has wheels, a reliable vehicle to get us up and down the 4WD access road. This model is loaded with green technology. It’s looks slightly used but it runs awesome! Lyra says it is a SMOOTH ride.

Seriously, this abandoned old vehicle can be found inside La Amistad National Park at around 2200m up the Rio Colorado valley about 2 hours walk from the homestead at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. There are more epiphytes and species of flora growing on this old truck than you can find east of the Mississippi……. I guess that is only a slight exaggeration.

Anyway here is our real truck we purchased for the project.

It is a Nissan Patrol pick up that is not marketed in North America but is well known in the Australian outback, Latin America and other rural areas of the world. We had a frame put on it so that we can put a tarp over it when hauling tourists or bags of cement in rainy whether. This truck handles well going up some of the steep sections of the 4WD road even when loaded with sand or gravel.

A great all round vehicle.