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Hepialidae and a few more newbies

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

We had a couple of entomologists show up who set up a generator with lights on the point where our future common area cabin will be located. This point has a sweeping view both upward toward La Amistad NP and downward toward the valley of Volcan. Misty nights provided some of the very best collecting conditions to date with some new arrivals not previously seen. One was this rare specimen of Hepialidae, a primitive moth family. We will update this post if we get help in keying out the genus and or species.

A beautiful specimen of a Gaudy Sphinx moth Eumorpha labruscae was a first for Mount Totumas.

Another first time visitor to the lights was one specimen of Caio sp. a large Saturnid silk moth.

10 1/2 inch long Thysania agrippina with filipina :)

A Cornucopia of Beetles

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

This is a sample of beetles that visited our bug lights on a recent night. We seem to have two species of Chrysina beetles rather common that come to the lights. Chrysina batesi is the larger gold specimen and Chrysina resplendens is the smaller one. I never realized these were collectors items before I was told by recent visitors. The other beetles shown remain unidentified. The green one might be a flower scarab (Cetonidae) and the largest a rhinoceros beetle Heterogomphus mneszechi.

Below a photo of some of the silk moths that arrived the same night

Lepidoptera of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Once Again Highlighted

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Here you have a chance to marvel at the biodiversity of Lepidoptera collected at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. These specimens were collected and mounted by my cousin Tom Neal from his past two visits.