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Notes July 31st, 2012

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Black Speckled Palm Viper Bothriechis nigroviridis This specimen was found right off the trail at 1970m under an embankment. It is considered rare but it may be far more common than presumed because of its cryptic coloration. This is a very beautiful snake. It is venomous

The palm viper was spotted by one of our guests during a group walk on the Robles trail.

Here you can see the habitat where the snake was found.

Herpetology Gallery of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest can be found here

On the subject of cryptic markings take a good look at this leaf…….there is a leg and ovipositor attached to it.

This leaf is the wing of a katydid found at night while searching for frogs. Notice the spots on the wing that look like little diseased spots of the leaf.

Here is the katydid on the wild fuchsia bush.

This is a juvenile just barely able to fly that just fledged from its nest. The metallic markings on the throat and forehead are enough to identify this as a juvenile Magnificent Hummingbird. He was mercilessly bombarded by the adult Violet Sabrewings.

Here is a link to the Hummingbird Gallery of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest.

Hummingbird Gallery