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Game Camera Report June 24 – July 9 2014

Friday, July 11th, 2014

WGI_0009 Collared Peccary

See the last blog entry on our first trial with the game camera. We decided to relocate the camera to a new location, to a patch of forest about 500 meters from the first cabin, at 1800m , GPS coordinates 8°52’51.30″N , 82°41’15.24″ W

The first image above is a peccary, probably Collared Peccary, although there are also White Lipped Peccaries present.

WGI_0018 Collared Peccary

WGI_0012 Collared Peccary

WGI_0019 Collared Peccary

WGI_0016 Mountain Lion. Image taken at 2:21pm mid afternoon. No surprise this big cat would show up since Collared Peccaries are one of their key prey here.

WGI_0008 Blurry image of what appears to be another Mountain Lion.

We will relocate the camera to a new location and continue monitoring the elusive wildlife of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest.