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Rio Colorado at Los Pozos Hot Springs

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

rio colorado near the hotsprings
The Rio Colorado flows along the border of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest and at the Los Pozos Hot Springs it picks up the small tributary of the Los Pozos stream. This photo was taken just below the merger of these two watersheds. American Dippers, Torrent Tyrannulet, Black Phoebe, and Buff-Rumped Warbler are associated with these streams. The Los Pozos hike is increasingly popular with our guests who take a forest trail to the hot springs in the late afternoon. We often drive down to pick folks up after a long soak avoiding the steep 2km climb back up to the lodge on rubbery legs.

Coffee Harvest 2015 MTCF

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

cofee final 2014 1

cofee final 2014 2

We bagged the last of the dried coffee today and so our 2014-2015 coffee growing season comes to an end. Here are the totals of dried coffee (still with parchment)

Type Weight (lbs)

Caturra 15.8
Cataui 41.7
Tipica 81.0
Geisha 10.0
Mixed 11.0

Total 159 lbs (with parchment)

Final amount roasted should be around 115 lbs. With this years harvest we have enough for our own consumption and serving guests. The coffee is premium high elevation shade grown coffee and it is superb.

Lichen Katydid

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

lichen long horn beetle 1
Joy was looking at the lichen on the tree, the wind was blowing but there was a movement that disrupted the pattern of wind blowing on the lichen. This caught her eye. She looked more closely and was able to resolve a katydid.

lichen long horn beetle 2 Closer up

lichen long horn beetle 4 And real close.

Anyone know what species this is?

Guest Photos: Julie & Jay

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Land crab! YES!

Julie and Jay, both marine biologists, visited Mount Totumas in December 2014 and they just sent us some highlight photos of their visit. Being marine biologists they focused right in on our cloud forest crab and coral looking flora.

Female flowersIMG_1047

This is a parasitic angiosperm that no longer produces chlorophyll. Julie did some research and found the species name; Helosis sp.
Here is a link for more info on this bizarre plant

julie 1
Julie and Jay

Reinaldo and a tiny little buddy on his shoulder
Reinaldo with frog

Scintillant hummingbird
Scintallint Hummingvird

Slaty Flower-Piercer

Huge gills
Mushroom with pronounced gills

Acanthes sp. ?

Blue Mushroom. Probably a Blue Milky Cap Lactarius indigo. This is an edible mushroom.

Bellbird Lodge and rainforest almost everywhere you look

Bellbird Lodge and La Amistad NP in the background with Bajareque mist.

La Amistad Trail: Mount Totumas to La Amistad National Park

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

pila 18
A 12km hike into the upper reaches of the Rio Colorado Valley inside La Amistad National Park. We started at The Bellbird Lodge and took the La Amistad Trail that merged with the main trail of the national park in the upper headwaters of the Rio Colorado.

pila 19

pila 48
An hour into the hike we left MTCF and entered into PILA (Parque Internacional La Amistad)

pila 29
Trail slipping into old growth cloud forest

pila 37
The old abandoned car covered with epiphytes is slowly returning to minerals.

pila 36

pila 23
Sabine would rather drive than hike

pila 24
Crossing the Rio Colorado on our way to the old cabin way up at 2400m

pila 7
Approaching the old cabin.

pila 28

pila 26
Up on the balcony overlooking cloud forest

pila 9

Pila 8

pila 30
Joyful Joy

pila 35

pila 31 Yours truly inspecting an orchid off a fallen tree.

pila 25

pila 46 Reinaldo

pilan10 Composite flower in cloud forest

pila 40

pila 47 Bromeliad

pila 42 Beautiful lady slipper flowers. Anyone know what species this is?

pila 43

pila 44 New small micro orchid close up

pila 45

pila 41 Leaf of giant Gunnera sp.

pila 27 Gunnera sp. along the river bank.

pila 33
Gesneriaceae family, genus Campanea, maybe sp. is grandiflora.

pila 32

pila 17

pila 16

pila 15

pila 14

pila 13

pila 12

pila 11

pila 6
Flower cluster at end of vine

pila 5 Amazing new orchids seen today

pila 2

pila 39

pila 3


pila 4

Homeschooling with Hummingbirds

Sunday, March 1st, 2015




Gage and Dylan are spending a great year with their parents Jacqueline and Dylan being home schooled while living on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. They took a break from the coastal heat to visit Mount Totumas Cloud Forest where they enjoyed a real up close encounter with hummingbirds.

It was great to host this family and it awakened memories for Alma and me of the year we home schooled Lyra and Karin back in 2005 as we travelled through central Asia.