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Eumorpha labruscae (The Gaudy Sphinx)

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

gaudy 3
Cruising in to our lights around 4:00am in the morning the Gaudy Sphinx is active in the predawn hours. A beautiful moth, both in form and function. Barely a day goes by without a new secret revealed with the rich biodiversity here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest.

gaudy 2


Collared Peccaries

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Collared Peccaries are common on the trails here at MTCF. They are wary and hard to see but not hard to smell. A musky smell on the trail means peccaries have just past by.

collared pec 2

collared pec 1

Mother with two babies

1831:032915:52F:2382:MTCF      :2
They are both diurnal and nocturnal

2248:040515:48F:2375:MTCF      :5
Their main predator, the Mountain Lion, here scratching his face on a branch. If you look at the surrounding vegetation you will notice this is the same location as the image of the peccaries above.

1355:041415:54F:2380:MTCF      :7
The game camera picks up images of both peccaries and mountain lions on most locations.

New Quetzal Trail at MTCF

Monday, May 25th, 2015

quetzal trail 1

The new Quetzal Trail is a short and varied .5 km trail that starts at the Homestead and is the quickest way to access mid to upper canopy views of 2nd growth forest. The trail is designed for bird watching and night walks and for guests who prefer a shorter less strenuous trail.

test 3

The trail accesses great views of 2nd growth forest in a corridor where Resplendent Quetzals are often seen. Other birds commonly seen are Spot-Crowned Woodcreeper, Black-Faced Solitaire, Grey-Breasted Wood Wren, Chiriqui Quail Dove, Black Guan.

quetzal trail 4

quetzal trail 6

Semi open area near forest edge is a great spot for forest birds like the Spot-Breasted Wood Quail.

quetzal trail 20

The trail continues into riparian habitat and meanders over small stream crossings.

quetzal trail 18

quetzal trial 15

quetzal trail 9

quetzal trail 15

The trail eventually emerges from the forest on to an open field where we have placed a bench that provides a great view of the forest edge. The early morning light falls on this patch of forest and sitting patiently on this bench will yield many birds.

quetzal trail 7

Over a boggy section of the meadow we made an elevated walkway from left over planks of wood from our recent construction. This path leads into another riparian zone.

quetzal trail 8

Here we made a winding trail through big elephant ear aroids. Great spot on the night walk for spotting frogs and nocturnal insects.

quetzal trail 16
The nest site of Resplendent Quetzals. We have an active nest site at the moment and we have had to close a section of the Quetzal Trail as the birds are now incubating. You know when the male is incubating because his long tail feather extends out of the nesting cavity.

quetzal trail 12
A heliconid butterfly

quetzal trail 11
A pioneer composite plant in full bloom.

quetzal trail 10
A tree fern by the trail side.

quetzal trail 14

Beautiful native heliconia by the stream.

Day Hike to Romulo Vega’s Homestead

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Our closest neighbor here at MTCF is Romulo Vega. He is 78 years old and his property lies within the boundary of La Amistad NP. Unlike national parks in the US, here in Panama old homesteads are grandfathered in once national park boundaries are established. Mr. Vega cleared his forests with an axe long before the park was established in 1985 and today his “finca” is a beautiful homestead surrounded by forests within the park. A day trip visiting Mr. Vega is a journey to Panama’s rural mountain past. His cabin has no electricity, just a transistor radio. He cooks on an open fire pit inside his cabin.

Coffee Pot preparing hot water for coffee

Mr. Vega tending the fire

vega walk 2
Coffee steeping in a wire rimmed cloth sack.

noe in cabin
Timeless space hanging in the cabin sharing stories of jaguars and the misty mountains.

The walk from MTCF to Mr. Vegas homestead is about 2 hours and passes through beautiful mountain scenery.


Vega walk 3
Timo on the trail.

vega walk 8
Bromeliads in full bloom

Alma and Jeff holding orchid flowers from a fallen orchid.

vega walk 1

MTCF on Google Earth

Friday, May 15th, 2015

google earth 3 2015 MTCF rev 1

Google Earth just updated their satellite image of Western Chiriqui here in Panama and you can now see all the structures here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest; employee cabin, The Cabin, Homestead, Workshop and The Bellbird Lodge.

MTCF google earth 5 2015 with PILA rev 1

Here is another image that includes areas of the reserve and La Amistad National Park. On the lower left hand corner you can see the buildings of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. Just left of center is Mount Totumas itself at 2630m shrouded in primary forest. This image allows you to see the immensity of highland cloud forest wilderness that you have access to when visiting. The pasture lands right of center are inside La Amistad National Park and where grandfathered in when the park was established in 1985. The owner still grazes a few cattle here. This is a beautiful destination as the pastures are bordered on all sides by old growth forest and the views of the surrounding mountains are stunning.

Here is link with Google Maps to MTCF,-82.68377,3281m/data=!3m1!1e3

MTCF Coffee Flowering

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

coffee 2015 1

Two weeks ago we had our first heavy rains of the year. That’s what our coffee trees were waiting for. This triggered an explosion of flowers and our whole coffee field is alive with honey bees busy pollinating the flowers. The trees on this photo are Tipica variety.

coffee 2015 2

The blossoms smell sweet.

coffee 2015 3

Alma with her Panama Hat smelling the blossoms of a Cataui variety

coffee 2015  6

Doña Alma anticipating next years harvest.

coffee 2015 4

We have 1800 tree seedlings that will be planted this month that will start right below the beginning of the Puma trail. That will bring the total number of coffee trees to close to 5000 which is our target.

coffee 2015 5

Here is the field that we cleared for the new grove. This was former pasture about 15 years ago that was abandoned and there are now some nice shade trees already in place for the new seedlings.