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It’s a Fulgorid (Planthopper) says Albert Thurman

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

snowy quetzal bug

We found this on the Puma Trail. Got one shot of it before it flew off like an alien ghost with streaming white waxy appendages.
Sent the photo to Albert Thurman and he identified it as a fulgorid plant hopper. Which kind of fulgorid remains an open question.

Los Potreros de Sr. Estrivi

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

phil 1


The Volcan Hiking Club spent the weekend here at Mount Totumas and we made a trek up in La Amistad National Park on Sunday. This is Phil Heuber who organizes the treks for the hiking club.   Our destination was Mr Estrivi’s pastures which are in the park and his homestead was grandfathered in when the park was established. It is a beautiful location as his pastures are full of old growth trees covered with orchids and bromeliads and his land is surrounded by old growth forest with stunning views

A big hollow tree provided some of us shelter from the rains.
hike 4

hike 5

hike 9

hike 7

hike 6

The Group got excited when a male Resplendent Quetzal perched exposed on a branch high up a Mamecillo Oak tree

hike 3

hike 1

hike 2

 Gorgeous Scenery and wonderful lighting as the rains lifted and diffused light made the whole pasture glow

hike 13

hike 12

hike 11

hike 10

glen 2


The bright light on the open pastures allows orchids and bromeliads to grow all the way down the trunks of the trees to the base.  Each tree held its own botanical garden of diverse plants.

brome 216

brome 215

brome 214

brome 213

brome 212

brome 211

brome 210

orchid 200

orchid 201

orchid 202

orchid 216

orchid 215

orchid 213

orchid 214

vine 1

 It was a great hike!

And the Clouds Parted

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

June 9 1
The rains drifted up early this afternoon and buckets fell, we were shrouded in mist and rain, and then shortly before dark the rains stopped and the clouds parted revealing a breathtaking scenery. From loud pellets of rain to silence broken by the song of the Black-Faced Solitaire.

June 9 3
We have no guests at the moment, it was only Alma and me and sweeping views…

June 9 4
The lodge with Mount Totumas in the background

June 9 6
The scarlet flowers of the coral bean tree (Erythrina sp.) popped in this late afternoon light.

June 9 5

June 9 7
Now that is a trail sign for the cloud forest!

June 9 8

June 9 9

Mountain Lion and Agouti Video on The Big Tree Loop Trail

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Check out these short video clips of an agouti and mountain lions that our game camera picked up this month. We had the camera at the junction of the Big Tree Loop and the La Amistad trail. You can hear Three-Wattled Bellbirds calling in the back ground.

These big cats are common here and add a sense of deep wilderness when walking the trails here at MTCF

Rainy Season Afternoon Oyster Light

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

rainy season lighting
Sunny mornings have clear vistas down the valley to the Pacific coast. Small clouds start to swell and inhale moisture growing throughout the day and by afternoon becoming massive, 30,0000 feet tall and anvil shaped dropping sheets of rain and lightening. Tongues of these clouds drift up the mountain valleys and cover our forests with mist.

Rainy season lighting 5
These clouds mixed with sun create the perfect soft oyster light. Here our guests Leandro, Laura and Alma are enjoying the show of clouds and light on the deck of The Bellbird Lodge.

Rainy season lighting 4

Rainy season lighting 3
Cloud Forest aptly named.

Rainy Season lighting 2

Trees in the Cloud Forest; Guest Photos by Alex

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

alex 3

Alex and Daniela visited recently and during their 3 day stay managed to walk all of our marked trails and added a trek with Reinaldo up to the top of Mount Totumas. Alex is a hobby botanist in his love of trees and he shared with us that he has about a dozen species of oaks in his home in Texas. Here are some of the photos he took during his visit where you can recognize his deep appreciation of these patriarchs of the forest.

alex 17
Daniela dwarfed by a Giant Mamecillo Oak Quercus bumelioides at the top of Mount Totumas

alex 8 Alex also dwarfed, but this monster is locally called an “Aguacaton”, member of the Avocado family (Lauraceae)

alex 12
Approaching the peak of Mount Totumas the trail moves through an under story of mature palms.

alex 9 A lone giant Mexican Elm Ulmus mexicana

alex 7 The identify of this white barked tree that peels like a sycamore is one of the trees in the cloud forest we still have not yet identified.

alex 2
Beautiful lighting as clouds move through the primary forest found at the top of Mount Totumas

alex 5

alex 4

alex 6
Sceloporus malachiticus Green Spiny Lizard

alex 14
A small frog at the top of Mount Totumas that we haven’t seen before

alex 15

alex 19
Bromeliads in the mist laded micro climate of the Bajareque Trail.

alex 20

alex 1

alex 10
Forest canopy seen from the deck of The Bellbird Lodge

alex 11
Alex and Daniela on the peak of Mount Totumas at 2630m