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Bothriechis nigroviridis. Black & Green Palm Viper

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

kev palm viper  6

The second time in 4 years we spotted the Black and Green Palm Viper. This time about 1950m on the Roble Trail. This viper was a larger specimen, about 2 feet long and found 7 feet up on a bamboo species Chusquea sp.. Kevin found the snake. Curiously, the only other sighting four years ago was found by Kevin’s wife Rita. Somehow I am not surprised by this!

kev palm viper  2 Can you see the viper in this foto where it was spotted?

kev palm viper  4

kev palm viper  5


Kevin looking very content

All photos by Kevin Moser and Sierra Miller

Howler Monkey finds a Lounge chair in the canopy

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Just a short video clip of a howler that was stretched out on the canopy of the Mexican Elm near the lodge. It was early morning and I was having my coffee and just stretching and waking up myself. We were in the same wave length.

Baird’s Tapir at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Well, we had some very lucky guests in May, Caryl Mobley and family, who had a remarkable encounter with a Baird’s Tapir while hiking The Big Loop Trail. Up until now the presence of this elusive mammal was only ever captured with our game cameras. This was the first real time and literally face to face encounter. The Baird’s Tapir is an endangered species throughout its range and is the largest mammal in the cloud forest here, full grown adults can reach 400kg.

Tapir 2016 0523 01 1

Tapir from front 1

Tapir from side 1

Tapir with Reinaldo 1

More information on the natural history of this species can be found here