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Going fishing to stock our restaurant

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Spent the night in Pedregal with Jon and Phyllis and left at 6am the next morning to go fishing in the vast inshore mangrove and bay habitat that supports an abundant fishery right near David..

Franklin throwing a cast net to catch the bait

20170819_072934 John is a master with the cast net.

20170819_074403 Picking up the bait to put in the live well.

20170819_074907 This little guy was released back in the sea.

20170819_064050 Red Mangroves as tall as 40 feet… No hurricanes or tropical storms to knock them down! You would never see Red Mangroves this tall in Florida. .

20170819_064147 Volcan Baru in the distance

18320424_10154598677872686_8030634598697490875_o Snook (from an earlier trip)

20170819_082615Yellow Snapper

20170819_104452 Goliath Grouper, he was released back to the sea to grow up to be 200 lbs!

20170819_133900Mangrove Snapper

20170318_182142 Karin with Red Snapper and Snook ready to filet. This pic from earlier this year.

20170820_114142 Fresh Snapper filets

20170820_115358 Vaccum sealed.

20170820_114627 Ready for the freezer and the high season when local fish will be on the menu at our restaurant!

Beautiful Illustration of Bothrieches lateralis by Randy Babb

Friday, August 18th, 2017


Randy Babb visiting Mount Totumas earlier this year as part of Albert Thurman’s group. They were fortunate to find a beautiful specimen of a juvenile Bothrieches lateralis on their 2nd day and Randy placed this viper in a secure container and proceeded to illustrate it during the next 24 hours. The result is stunning.

The viper was released where it was found afterwards.