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Summer of Entomology 2017

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

This summer we had a series of entomological visitors… Here are some highlights starting with an awesome video taken by Pierre-Olivier Ouellet. Pierre is from Quebec and is quite well known for his entomological exhibitions and works with public schools there with his mobile insect museum.

Roy Alain Roy Alain from Quebec was with us in June during an amazing stretch of warm rainy nights with excellent conditions on the moth light.

martin chris Martin and Chris setting up their morning laboratory on the deck of the Bellbird Lodge after a night of collecting.

martins beetles

chris 1 Chris Guay holding a Sematuridae moth Sematura luna

beetle drawing Jen Zalewsk drawing beetles

beetle drawing (2)

Anton Anton Klein from Germany taking photos at the lights.

_DSC6171 Anton in bug heaven

Petra Petra protecting herself from swarms of flying moths as she assists Anton with his photography

_DSC6955 A beautiful skipper butterfly. Photo by Anton.

Albert Thurman Albert Thurman on the sheet down at Catalina, a new collecting site down the road 4km from the lodge.

marpesia sp. Chris Guay’s great pic of Marpesia marcella

dynastes 1 Spodistes batesi Photo by Chris Guay

chrysina 1 A new chrysina beetle for Mount Totumas, Chrysina chrysargyrea . Photo by Chris Guay.

Phryxus sp. Sphynx moth Phryxus sp. Photo by Torben Bille

Antheraea godmani
Close up of Antheraea godmani. Photo by Torben Bille.

geometrid leaf imitator
Torben’s photo of a leaf imitating geometrid moth

Homoeocera gigantea
Torben Bille’s pic of
Homoeocera gigantea