Herpetology Update: Isthmohyla rivularis

Isthmohyla rivularis

Andreas Hertz and friends came to visit Mount Totumas Cloud Forest to survey the herpetology and enjoy a few days walking the trails. Andreas is a herpetologist and he has done a lot of field work in Panama. This was evident by how quickly he spotted frogs and salamanders on a night hike along the stream near the cabins.

A critically endangered frog, Isthmohyla rivularis, was spotted and photographed. See the link here on the IUCN red list for current status. http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/55627/0

Isthmohyla rivularis

The presence of this species alone justifies the importance of protecting buffer zones of La Amistad NP. This frog was found at around 1940m. The national park begins at 2000m and protecting habitat below this boundary is critically important. Mount Totumas Cloud Forest encompasses this buffer zone from 1650M up to the boundary of La Amistad NP at 2000m.

A number of other species where also photographed and shown here with the kind permission of Andreas.

Bolitoglossa nigrescens

Bolitoglossa nigrescens

B. minutula (to be confirmed)

Mesaspis monticola

Andreas and friends also had the good fortune during their visit to witness the spectacular display by the Spider Monkeys shown on an earlier post.

Andreas and friends

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