Our Kitchen and Dining Room; Before and After

We just completed the renovation of the kitchen and dining room. Pictures are worth a thousand words so let’s look first at the kitchen before the renovation……………..

And now AFTER

The new dining room table and kitchen cabinets were made in Volcan by Gabriel Rodriguez  who has a local wood shop. We support local businesses in Volcan instead of going to David to the big box stores where the furniture is all particle board and made somewhere far away.  Getting the cabinets to fit in the uneven dimensions of the kitchen was a challenge and we needed to also reinforce the cabinets to support the artisan Mexican tiles that we used for the counter tops.  The artisan tile work was Michael’s work of art and he extended his visit for 5 days to finish the job.

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  1. Alma de la Rosa Dietrich says:

    Michael, what a fabulous job! I am ready to be the chef!

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