Golden-Browed Chlorophonia

A pair of Golden-Browed Chlorophonias were feeding this morning on the fruit of a shrub that is quite common here along forest edges and on pastures that we have allowed nature to reclaim. I collected the fruit to plant these shrubs as part of native landscaping we plan to do around the house.


Maybe one day on some future deck we will build on some early sunny morning with a cup of fresh roasted coffee we can watch these birds close up! These shots were taken from about 30 feet away with a 100m lens and are cropped and greatly enlarged.  The shrubs were growing under a grove of Inga sp. trees. The parallel veins on the leaf of the shrub suggest Melastomataceae?

It would be nice to get a botanist specialized in montane habitats up here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest for a couple of days.  Free lodging in return for sharing your knowledge.

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