Guest Report on Saturniidae of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest

Jean-Marc Gayman, from France, visited Mount Totumas in October 2014 with a group of friends and made the following report on the Saturniidae (silk moth family) of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest along with a site he visited in Ecuador. A great description of some of the species that are possible to see here at MTCF. Thank you Jean-Marc for sharing this interesting publication.

[gview file=”ép-RLF-n°-59-Gayman-Saturniidae-final-1.pdf”]

Lép RLF n° 59 Gayman Saturniidae final (1)

Jean-Marc has also passed along links to his photo galleries of many species comprosing several families of Lepidoptera photographed during his recent trip to Panama. Here are the links for those of you who would like to go more in depth in appreciating the biodiversity of insects that can be found here in the tropics

On these webpages are my photos from Mount Totumas (and some others locations in Panamà). Feel free to unload those you like for ecological, educational or academic use :

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