A Cornucopia of Bromeliads

There is a stunning diversity of bromeliads here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. Together with orchids bromeliads are the dominant epiphytes growing on the trunks and branches of trees.  A few species  are terrestrial here as well and there is also a Tillandsia sp. that grows on rock outcroppings.  The higher elevations,  above 1900 meters, has a greater abundance of bromeliads and there are micro-climates in areas that receive directly the bajareque  mist where bromeliads thrive to the point where they cover completely branches crowding out all other epiphytes.  It is precisely in these climatic conditions late in the day when soft sunlight penetrates through the mist that a certain quality of light intensifies the beauty of these plants and the forest.   It is a natural garden overflowing to the point where you find orchids and bromeliads fallen to the forest floor where they lie for months still alive but doomed in the darkness. Sometimes you can’t help but pick them up to give them a second chance and placing them again on a branch of a tree if there is one around with space available! Here is a slide show selection of Bromeliad photos taken at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest and adjacent La Amistad NP

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