Green Crowned Brilliant VS. Magnificent

GCB MAG fight 7

We have a number of hummingbird feeders around the cabins as well as many native and ornamental nectar bearing trees and bushes. The over 15 species of hummingbirds recorded here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest share these feeders and flowers with occasional territorial rivalry. When we have a guest that wants to photograph the hummers we remove all the feeders except one so that all the hummingbirds come to one feeder and interact more. That is when some major territorial battles ensue. Like the other day when the male Green Crowned Brilliant got into a wrestling match with a Magnificent Hummingbird. The Magnificent is a little bigger but The Green Crowned Brilliant held his own. They actually got down on the deck and had an all out brawl. Check out the photos taken by our guest Ian….

GCB MAG fight 6

GCB MAG fight 5

GCB MAG fight 4

GCB MAG fight 3

GCB MAG fight 2

GCB MAG fight 1

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