Botanical Marvels in La Amistad NP

clown orchid

Happy faces among the hikers as we encountered this beautiful orchid with a sad clown face in the center of the flower. First time to document this orchid deep in La Amistad NP at about 2400m. We explored a new ridge line on the back side of Mount Totumas today and discovered a number of botanical marvels.

clown orchid 2

This orchid was found on the upper trunk of a fallen tree.

gesnerid fruit 3
Some bizarre fruits of what looks like a Gesnerid vine was encountered as we were bush wacking up around 2500m

gesnerid fruit 2

gesnerid fruit 1

totumas orchid 71

Another first time documentation of a small orchid in the under story at the peak of Mount Totumas at 2600m

totumas orchid 70

2 Responses to “Botanical Marvels in La Amistad NP”

  1. Kary says:

    Did you find out what fruit was it? I looks beautifully yummy!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Kary, We think the fruit belongs to the Gesnerid family but we do not know exactly which species…. maybe someone will ID this and I will let you know


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