Interior of The Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Home

Living Room

The house has been a construction site for the past weeks with repairs and renovations. Today I had enough and spent the whole day cleaning up and taking photos to report on the work done to date on the interior of the home. We still have a ways to go but the following photos will give you an idea of the ambience that awaits you when you visit Mount Totumas Cloud Forest.

Master bedroom with double bed, single bed and private bathroom.

Bedroom two with a double bed

Bedroom 3 with a single bed

Kitchen and Dining Room


The journey up here is way off the beaten track. We are 10km from the nearest grid and the 4WD road to arrive at our home on the property is an adventure with two stream crossings and some rough spots. But the reward is an untouched wilderness literally at your doorstep. This has been the primary draw and interest of visitors to date. Our home like the road had a number of rough spots when we first bought the property. We have been working hard with new furnishings and repairs. To be so far from civilization with our own off the grid electricity, hot water and cozy comfortable furnishings in the middle of a wilderness is a rarity.

Yesterday while sitting at the kitchen table in the afternoon I looked out the window as clouds and mist rose up from the valley and on a tree only 40 feet away were two male Resplendent Quetzals and one female. They were heavily into quetzal courtship and the restless birds where constantly flying and playing a game of tag it seemed. One of the males flew straight up vertical and hovered right under a horizontal branch and held the position like a hummingbird for about 4 seconds. I’m no expert on quetzal courtship but these males where strutting their stuff and most likely the female chooses in the end who will be her mate.

We have started on the exterior of the home as well and photos will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

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