Homesteading and Food Production MTCF


Farm life compliments the cloud forest wilderness here at MTCF and provides fresh local produce for our guests who also enjoy participating in the homesteading life.

farm 16
Alma harvesting hydroponic lettuce for this evenings salad

farm 24
Hydroponic lettuce nourished with compost tea.

farm 22
Watering the garden, leaks in foreground.

farm 23
Beet greens and salad greens are grown under shade cloth due to the high winds and strong sun at 1900m

farm 4
Big fat fennel grows really well here.

farm 25
Naranjilla is a native fruit belonging to the tomato family.

farm 6 Naranjilla fruit peeled and ready to cook into jam.

farm 3
Fresh harvested wild blackberries from the pastures

farm 30
We make our own home made blackberry popsicles.

farm 31
Dan is very happy enjoying his popsicle.

farm 5
Our tom turkey lost his bride when a dog attacked her and she past away. Since then he has fallen in love with one of our hens who he follows around strutting his stuff and displaying. She is not impressed.


We make our own compost tea mixing in a 55 gallon drum a couple bags of chicken manure, a gallon of molasses we got at the sugar cane factory along with some micro nutrient foilage fertilizer. Let the whole thing ferment for a month and then spray this on your garden veggies…..

farm 15-001
Ian harvesting coffee

Nicole harvesting coffee cherries. January and February are coffee harvest time here at MTCF.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It takes approximately 20 five gallon buckets of harvested coffee cherries to eventually yield 100lbs of coffee.

farm 18
Reinaldo Sr. Graciela and Olga depulping the coffee.

farm 17
Reinaldo pounding the coffee cherries to remove the fruit from the bean.

Mike grinding coffee on the hand mill.

farm 33
Gage grinding coffee

farm 34
Wyatt grinding coffee

farm 1
Loading the grinder

farm 2
Ground coffee

Our gourmet high elevation coffee is hand roasted on a cast iron fry pan that allows Timo and Nicole to fine tune the profile roast to bring out the best characteristic of our Cataui, Tipica and Geisha coffees :)

farm 9

farm 8

farm 7
Coffee drying in our greenhouse. Seedlings will be ready to plant in May/June.

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