Pre Columbian Stone Tool

We were digging a ditch laying our new filter system and water line to the house when we discovered an ancient stone tool made of some very hard stone. 

It’s quite heavy for its size and the tool still has a sharp edge and it fits perfectly in the human hand with a small bump on the upper surface which improves its grip.  The  design and craftsmanship demonstrate the technology of the peoples who made this tool.

You can imagine separating the skin from muscle of a recent kill,  the peeling away of bark, the splitting of bone and wood.  Holding this tool in your hand you feel a link directly to the past of our ancestors.  I used the tool on a fresh cut piece of bamboo to smoothen the joints to be used as a curtain rod. Kind of a pathetic application compared to those used by  the ancestors who made it. This  simple task of shaving bamboo however does honor their craftsmanship that hundreds of years after being buried it emerges still in perfect shape to perform a task it was designed for. How many of our modern technological tools would  emerge after centuries buried still functional? I guess stainless steel cookware.

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