Guest Photos: Julie & Jay

Land crab! YES!

Julie and Jay, both marine biologists, visited Mount Totumas in December 2014 and they just sent us some highlight photos of their visit. Being marine biologists they focused right in on our cloud forest crab and coral looking flora.

Female flowersIMG_1047

This is a parasitic angiosperm that no longer produces chlorophyll. Julie did some research and found the species name; Helosis sp.
Here is a link for more info on this bizarre plant

julie 1
Julie and Jay

Reinaldo and a tiny little buddy on his shoulder
Reinaldo with frog

Scintillant hummingbird
Scintallint Hummingvird

Slaty Flower-Piercer

Huge gills
Mushroom with pronounced gills

Acanthes sp. ?

Blue Mushroom. Probably a Blue Milky Cap Lactarius indigo. This is an edible mushroom.

Bellbird Lodge and rainforest almost everywhere you look

Bellbird Lodge and La Amistad NP in the background with Bajareque mist.

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