Swallow Tailed Kite

swallow tail kite closeup

Afternoons here at Mount Totumas are often accompanied by clouds that drift up the valley pushed from the mass of thermal energy rising up from the Pacific Coast. Riding the thermals just in front of the clouds Swallow Tailed Kites circle effortlessly. Few birds can rival the grace of these kites especially when observed from above as they soar just a few feet above the forest canopy, occasionally dipping and diving as they pick off prey. This is one species that never fails to thrill the observer who cannot help but envy the mastery of wind and space these birds command.

For those of you who know The Swallow Tailed Kite words cannot describe this mastery of flight. One is left awestruck at their beauty and acrobatics.

Jiri Zagura from the Czech Republic who recently visited MTCF captured these images during the last morning of his stay with us. The birds were bidding him farewell.



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