MTCF Coffee Flowering

coffee 2015 1

Two weeks ago we had our first heavy rains of the year. That’s what our coffee trees were waiting for. This triggered an explosion of flowers and our whole coffee field is alive with honey bees busy pollinating the flowers. The trees on this photo are Tipica variety.

coffee 2015 2

The blossoms smell sweet.

coffee 2015 3

Alma with her Panama Hat smelling the blossoms of a Cataui variety

coffee 2015  6

Doña Alma anticipating next years harvest.

coffee 2015 4

We have 1800 tree seedlings that will be planted this month that will start right below the beginning of the Puma trail. That will bring the total number of coffee trees to close to 5000 which is our target.

coffee 2015 5

Here is the field that we cleared for the new grove. This was former pasture about 15 years ago that was abandoned and there are now some nice shade trees already in place for the new seedlings.

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