MTCF on Google Earth

google earth 3 2015 MTCF rev 1

Google Earth just updated their satellite image of Western Chiriqui here in Panama and you can now see all the structures here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest; employee cabin, The Cabin, Homestead, Workshop and The Bellbird Lodge.

MTCF google earth 5 2015 with PILA rev 1

Here is another image that includes areas of the reserve and La Amistad National Park. On the lower left hand corner you can see the buildings of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. Just left of center is Mount Totumas itself at 2630m shrouded in primary forest. This image allows you to see the immensity of highland cloud forest wilderness that you have access to when visiting. The pasture lands right of center are inside La Amistad National Park and where grandfathered in when the park was established in 1985. The owner still grazes a few cattle here. This is a beautiful destination as the pastures are bordered on all sides by old growth forest and the views of the surrounding mountains are stunning.

Here is link with Google Maps to MTCF,-82.68377,3281m/data=!3m1!1e3

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