New Quetzal Trail at MTCF

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The new Quetzal Trail is a short and varied .5 km trail that starts at the Homestead and is the quickest way to access mid to upper canopy views of 2nd growth forest. The trail is designed for bird watching and night walks and for guests who prefer a shorter less strenuous trail.

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The trail accesses great views of 2nd growth forest in a corridor where Resplendent Quetzals are often seen. Other birds commonly seen are Spot-Crowned Woodcreeper, Black-Faced Solitaire, Grey-Breasted Wood Wren, Chiriqui Quail Dove, Black Guan.

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Semi open area near forest edge is a great spot for forest birds like the Spot-Breasted Wood Quail.

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The trail continues into riparian habitat and meanders over small stream crossings.

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The trail eventually emerges from the forest on to an open field where we have placed a bench that provides a great view of the forest edge. The early morning light falls on this patch of forest and sitting patiently on this bench will yield many birds.

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Over a boggy section of the meadow we made an elevated walkway from left over planks of wood from our recent construction. This path leads into another riparian zone.

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Here we made a winding trail through big elephant ear aroids. Great spot on the night walk for spotting frogs and nocturnal insects.

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The nest site of Resplendent Quetzals. We have an active nest site at the moment and we have had to close a section of the Quetzal Trail as the birds are now incubating. You know when the male is incubating because his long tail feather extends out of the nesting cavity.

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A heliconid butterfly

quetzal trail 11
A pioneer composite plant in full bloom.

quetzal trail 10
A tree fern by the trail side.

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Beautiful native heliconia by the stream.

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