Collared Peccaries

Collared Peccaries are common on the trails here at MTCF. They are wary and hard to see but not hard to smell. A musky smell on the trail means peccaries have just past by.

collared pec 2

collared pec 1

Mother with two babies

1831:032915:52F:2382:MTCF      :2
They are both diurnal and nocturnal

2248:040515:48F:2375:MTCF      :5
Their main predator, the Mountain Lion, here scratching his face on a branch. If you look at the surrounding vegetation you will notice this is the same location as the image of the peccaries above.

1355:041415:54F:2380:MTCF      :7
The game camera picks up images of both peccaries and mountain lions on most locations.

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