Dipper Nursery

The entrance of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest at 1650m begins where the road crosses the Rio Colorado. This is also where a side stream, the Quebrada Norte joins the Rio Colorado. At this confluence on an exposed bank next to a small waterfall a pair of American Dippers nested this year and their one young is now hanging at this confluence.

Very cute. A perfect dipper nursery right at our entrance. And here in Western Panama we are at the southern extreme of the American Dipper’s range which extends north along mountain streams all the way to Alaska.

Here is the nest site. The nest was up about 8 feet above the river on the exposed bank.

Here is the entrance of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest with the confluence of the Rio Colorado and the Quebrada Norte. The dipper nursery.

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Dippers here share the stream with Torrent Tyrannulet, a pair of which are nesting about a 100meters upstream. Here is a rather poor image of one of them.
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