Trees in the Cloud Forest; Guest Photos by Alex

alex 3

Alex and Daniela visited recently and during their 3 day stay managed to walk all of our marked trails and added a trek with Reinaldo up to the top of Mount Totumas. Alex is a hobby botanist in his love of trees and he shared with us that he has about a dozen species of oaks in his home in Texas. Here are some of the photos he took during his visit where you can recognize his deep appreciation of these patriarchs of the forest.

alex 17
Daniela dwarfed by a Giant Mamecillo Oak Quercus bumelioides at the top of Mount Totumas

alex 8 Alex also dwarfed, but this monster is locally called an “Aguacaton”, member of the Avocado family (Lauraceae)

alex 12
Approaching the peak of Mount Totumas the trail moves through an under story of mature palms.

alex 9 A lone giant Mexican Elm Ulmus mexicana

alex 7 The identify of this white barked tree that peels like a sycamore is one of the trees in the cloud forest we still have not yet identified.

alex 2
Beautiful lighting as clouds move through the primary forest found at the top of Mount Totumas

alex 5

alex 4

alex 6
Sceloporus malachiticus Green Spiny Lizard

alex 14
A small frog at the top of Mount Totumas that we haven’t seen before

alex 15

alex 19
Bromeliads in the mist laded micro climate of the Bajareque Trail.

alex 20

alex 1

alex 10
Forest canopy seen from the deck of The Bellbird Lodge

alex 11
Alex and Daniela on the peak of Mount Totumas at 2630m

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