Los Potreros de Sr. Estrivi

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The Volcan Hiking Club spent the weekend here at Mount Totumas and we made a trek up in La Amistad National Park on Sunday. This is Phil Heuber who organizes the treks for the hiking club.   Our destination was Mr Estrivi’s pastures which are in the park and his homestead was grandfathered in when the park was established. It is a beautiful location as his pastures are full of old growth trees covered with orchids and bromeliads and his land is surrounded by old growth forest with stunning views

A big hollow tree provided some of us shelter from the rains.
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hike 5

hike 9

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hike 6

The Group got excited when a male Resplendent Quetzal perched exposed on a branch high up a Mamecillo Oak tree

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hike 1

hike 2

 Gorgeous Scenery and wonderful lighting as the rains lifted and diffused light made the whole pasture glow

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hike 10

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The bright light on the open pastures allows orchids and bromeliads to grow all the way down the trunks of the trees to the base.  Each tree held its own botanical garden of diverse plants.

brome 216

brome 215

brome 214

brome 213

brome 212

brome 211

brome 210

orchid 200

orchid 201

orchid 202

orchid 216

orchid 215

orchid 213

orchid 214

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 It was a great hike!

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