Native landscaping plants

elleanthus glaucophyluus 1
Elleanthus Glaucophyllus

This beautiful terrestrial orchid is growing on the steep embankment right off the path to the lodge. How have we missed this the past couple of years having walked by this spot at least 100 times?

elleanthus glaucophyluus 2

elleanthus glaucophyluus 3

monnina sp 2
Monnina sp.

This shrub is common here and this specimen is actually a small tree. The small pea like flowers are attractive and the plant tolerates strong wind. We plan of planting more of these along our pathways.

monnina sp 1

Both the orchid and shrub were identified by Cynthia Fletcher who visited Mount Totumas recently with the Boquete Hiking Club.

Thanks Cynthia for the ID help.

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