Solanaceous Jams: Arbol de Tomate y Naranjilla

tomatoe fruit 1

The tomatoe family was many well known members: tomatoes, tobacco, eggplant, peppers, potatoes. Many are toxic like the nightshades. There are also quite species that produce edible fruit. There are two species that thrive up here in our cool montane climate, The Arbol de Tomate (Solanum betaceum) , and Naranjilla (solanum quitoense). Both species are native to montane areas of South America.

tomatoe fruit 11
Solanum betaceum Arbol de Tomate

naranjilla 1
Solanum quitoense Naranjilla
naranjilla 2

In preparation for our high season we decided to make some jam from these two fruits. Here is the harvest

tomatoe fruit 3

tomatoe fruit 2

Cutting open the fruit and extracting the fruit

tomatoe fruit 5

tomatoe fruit 4

tomatoe fruit 6

Into the blender

tomatoe fruit 8

tomatoe fruit 7

And the finished product
tomatoe fruit 10

tomatoe fruit 9

Loaded with vitamin C. Next high season our guests will enjoy an exotic tomatoe fruit solanacous Jam!

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