Cathedral Shelter

After watching a large group of acrobatic Spider Monkeys I took shelter from the rain at the base of a giant ceniza tree (local name) that had a second large Ficus tree wrapped around its trunk and a third small tree (Eugenia sp.) with peeling bark growing in the under story. I hung around for an hour chilling out on this awesome view while the rain fell.

While waiting out the rain an immature male Resplendent Quetzal arrived on a Cigua (Nectandra sp.) tree nearby and starting feeding. When the rain stopped I slowly meandered over a got a nice shot of him with his raggedy head. No elongated tail feathers on this youngster.

Here are the fruit of the Cigua tree he is eating. It’s in the avocado family and he was chucking these down whole.

When Quetzals are digesting these large fruit they seem to hang quiet and not move which makes them quite easy to photograph.

About those Spider Monkeys you can forget about photographing them as they scramble through the canopy and leap 40 feet through the air grabbing on to thin branches and swinging and swaying on to the next tree. Here is the best shot I got…

3 Responses to “Cathedral Shelter”

  1. Peter Schulte says:

    Hey Jeff,
    How’s your summer of projects going?
    That is one huge moth!

  2. admin says:

    That moth looked like a white bat flying! Bruja blanca! Stand by as I will have a few blog entries coming up on the progress on this summer’s projects.

  3. Jody says:

    What a picture show!!! I heard your voice while reading. Thinking of you all smelling the ylang-ylang.

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