Rogelio de Córdoba

rogelio horse

Rogelio from Córdoba Spain spent a few days with us here at Mount Totumas. He recently graduated from Cambridge University in England with a botany degree. He has been spending time here in Panama doing some post graduate work on Barro Colorado Island in association with the Smithsonian. We enjoyed lively conversations about ecology and the ethics of conservation and the challenges of our species going forward this century. Most of all Rogelio enjoyed his time spent with Reinaldo on their adventures in the cloud forest. Here are some highlights

moss hippies Moss Hippies on the top of Mount Totumas at 2630m

moss hippies 3

moss hippies 2

bee nest A common hymenoptera nest found on the trails. Let’s take this back to the Homestead for lunch

wasp larvae lunch 1

wasp larvae lunch 2
The larvae inside the nest are a great source of protein, simply delicious eaten with rice. Goes down well with a fresh glass of Naranjilla Chicha drink.

rogelio machete
Rogelio blazing the trail with machete heading up to the top of Totumas

rogelio on top of totumas
At the peak in the pristine old growth Mamecillo forest.

collared forest falcon 2
A raptor in the forest. We had a good look at these pics back at the lodge.

collared forest falcon with arrow and text
An immature Collared Forest Falcon. You can barely make out the black crescent on the face. A diagnostic field mark.

quetzal 334
Resplendent Quetzal spotted on the trail heading up to the top of Mount Totumas

indian ppipe A parasitic Indian Pipe, red variety, spotted on the trail.

rogelio romulo

Rogelio arrived at Mount Totumas on foot walking the 10km 4WD road up from Silla Pando. On his departure day he took one of our horses back down to the main road.

Rogelio, Esperamos verte nuevamente en el futuro, suerte con tus estudios y te esperamos muchas aventuras.

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