Olingo on The Big Tree Loop Trail and a soaring Garamas Swallowtail.

Olingo 1

The Olingo Bassaricyon gabbii is an elusive arboreal cloud forest mammal that is nocturnal……usually. Today we had the good fortune to encounter one with insomnia as it was active around noon and oblivious to our presence as it balanced along vines and moved up and down the trunks of trees just a few meters away from where we watching him.

Olingo 5

olingo 4

olingo 3

The Olingo is related to the Cacomistle and Kinkajou, all members of the raccoon family.

workinger family 2

The Workinger Family next to an ancient Aguacaton tree. Sophie was the photographer who captured the images of the Olingo

workinger family 1

garamas 2

Garamas 1

On the way back to the lodge in a light gap in the forest butterflies were feeding on a wild fuschia understory tree full of flowers. A Garamas swallowtail butterfly, a montane species, soared overhead in effortless circles.

A great hike!

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  1. Albert Thurman says:

    I KNEW I left too soon!!!! Great shots.

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