Glass Frogs and other herpetological marvels

glass frog Emerald Glass Frog Espadarana prosoblepon

Andreas Hertz, a herpetologist and expert on neo tropical frogs, visited us in June for the 3rd time and discovered on a night walk male glass frogs singing along the creek on our Cascade Trail. Photo by Kevin Moser

glass frog 2

Kevin Moser, who has been volunteering here since April, has shared his photos of the past months of other herpetological marvels documented here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest

pugnosed tree frog Pugnosed Tree Frog Smilisca sp.

pugnosed tree frog 2 Smilisca sp.

Hyla sp. Hyla sp.

Eleutherodactylus sp. Eleutherodactylus sp.

Norops vociferans Anole Norops vociferans

Tropical alligator lizard Topical Alligator Lizard
Mesaspis monticola

P1020566 Earth Snake Geophis sp.

pumilio sp We have to include these beautiful photos of Pumilio frogs that Kevin photographed on a recent trip to Bastamiento Island on the Carribean side of Panama. These are not found here at Mount Totumas.

pumilio egg mass Egg mass probably of Glass Frog species.

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