Ornate Hawk Eagle

Tom Danny and I went for a late afternoon walk following a heavy rain. Wet and dark green landscape with white clouds hanging in the valley outlining individual emergent trees. We were at the site where we dropped the old dead oak by the road which is in one of the main wildlife corridors that extend uninterrupted from the peak of Mount Totumas. From within the forest a large bird emerged and perched on a dead snag that was created when the oak tree fell. An Ornate Hawk Eagle. One of the most regal birds of prey in the new world tropics, the first for Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. Not since a visit years ago to Manu National Park in Peru have I seen this bird. We all had good views through the binoculars but amongst the three of us the only camera available was a point and shoot Canon. Two poor shots but even through the mist and poor resolution of these cropped images this noble bird can still inspire.

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