Timber Harvest at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest

We have harvested some timber on site. We got a permit from ANAM to cut two dead oak trees, each one at least 250 years old. The timber will be used for the first two cabins we will start in January 2011. Mr. Noe Vega who works miracles with a chainsaw and a chalkline felled the trees and cut the timber to the dimensions listed below. Everyone around on site came out to see the trees drop. The photos of the epiphytes are plants that were living on the dead branches of the trees. We harvested some of these and attached them to the hummingbird displays on our deck. Check out the photos below.

Roble (Oak)
QTY Dimension
1X 2X4X4
1X 2X4X5
1X 2X4X6
3X 2X4X8
2X 2X4X12
2X 2X4X14
3X 2X6X4
2X 2X6X6
2X 2X6X8
5X 2X6X10
4X 2X6X12
1X 2X6X16
1X 2X8X6
1X 2X8X8
1X 2X8X12
1X 2X8X16
1X 2X12X8
2X 4X4X14
7X 4X6X12
4X 4X6X14
5X 4X6X16
1X 4X8X10
1X 4X8X12
12X 6X6X12
15X 6X6X14
12X 6X6X16
1X 8X8X4
8X 8X8X12

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