Panthera onca: The Jaguar

2nd time in 5 years that we can document a jaguar here at Mount Totumas. This video was taken August 3rd 2018 at 11 in the morning. This cat clearly is limping on its rear right paw. A stunningly beautiful animal that has me deeply humbled that we share the same space with this endangered species. The camera was located at 2630m at the top of Mount Totumas.

There is something poignant though seeing this cat in its intact habitat limping. It reflects the state of this species; still present, endangered, but limping. The Central American population is fragmented and only still found in large preserves like La Amistad National Park, the Darien and some sites up north. In the Amazon basin of Brazil you find the last refuge of healthy populations.

Just two hours before this jaguar passed by the camera trap a group of collared peccaries passed by. Clearly this cat was following behind tracking the peccaries.

Interesting that 4 days later at the same spot a Mountain Lion passed by

Back in May at the same spot we captured an image of Red Brocket Deer. Both the peccaries and the deer are important prey of the Jaguar. Intact habitat and abundant prey is what keeps has allowed the Jaguar to hang on in La Amistad National Park.

During 5 years of placing the game camera on our marked trails where many tourists walk we never captured an image of a jaguar. We do capture many images of mountain lions on the marked trails. Since the camera that trapped the jaguar was in a remote area on top of Mount Totumas this would seem to indicate that the jaguar prefers remote locations with intact habitat far from contact with humans and agriculture.

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