Bill Oehlke’s ID of Lepidoptera of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest

Bill Oehlke from Canada volunteered his expertise to identify some of the lepidoptera of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. Bill specializes in the Saturniidae and Sphingadae families. He has never been Mount Totumas Cloud Forest but through Shane Bender was directed to our site. Here is a slide show of the species Bill has been able to positively identify to date.

We will add to this as Bill helps us to identify some of the unique species found at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest.
Here is a link to Bill’s website

Here are two species where Bill added some comments worth noting

I am not sure of the identification of this moth. It is at higher elevation (1650m +) than would be expected for triloba, but it is much more orangey than would be expected for orizaba. The hyaline areas are also different from what would would expect from either of those two species. Perhaps it is a hybrid between those two species or a subspecies yet undescribed.
Automeris belti, possibly a higher elevation and undescribed subspecies of belti

Thanks Bill and Shane

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