Trails MTCF

We are finalizing the six marked trails at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. This will allow guests to go off on self guided walks starting from the homestead in all the major habitats available on site. Trails lead to water falls, riparian zones at lower elevations, upland cloud forest locations and also to the scenic upper edge habitats where pastures border cloud forest. There is a detailed description available at the homestead for each hike with highlights and wildlife most likely to be encountered. Trails are marked with painted dots and directional markers. We plan to eventually ID major trees along the trails and put up benches in scenic spots.

There are several trails like the hike up to Mount Totumas Peak which are not marked. These trails are simple game trails and require a guide to find your way.

Depending on the season of the year and which trees are fruiting any of these trails can yield spectacular views of birds and mammals.

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