2010 at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest

Hello Friends of Mount Totumas

Time for an update. Overdue in fact. For the sake of those of you new to this site and to the project I would like to give a quick background. The 400 acres that comprises Mount Totumas Cloud Forest was purchased late in 2008. The past year we were only able to be present on the site for several short trips as we have had other commitments to complete that were ongoing at the time we purchased the land.   In 2010 we will start to implement some of the goals that are outlined on the website that will be regularly updated on this blog.

From January 12 through June I will be at Mount Totumas. A quick trip back to Seattle from March 22 until around April 12 is planned.  I still have not fixed dates for next summer but as spring advances I will be posting on next summers activities.

Visitors are welcome as well as volunteers. I will be posting shortly on volunteer opportunities but as an advance notice we are actively seeking skilled carpenters, plumbers, ecologists with cloud forest knowledge and organic and conventional gardeners, trail designers.

Plans for the first 6 months of 2010

  • Buy a good 4WD pick up truck
  • Complete trail preparation with signs
  • Establish an organic garden
  • Native plant landscaping around home with focus on nectar bearing shrubs and plants
  • Construct benches and viewing platforms along trails
  • Deck extension on house and Mudroom at entrance of house
  • Complete kitchen remodeling
  • Redo the plumbing on the house
  • Complete furnishing on the house
  • Continue initial investigation on premium high elevation coffee growing areas and possible establishment of first coffee seedlings on site.
  • Increase cattle herd to 30 head
  • Gather native seeds of trees and shrubs for starting seedlings for eventual reforestation projects
  • Construct a nursery for native seedlings for reforestation and coffee seedlings.

Keep tuning into the blog. I will arrive at Mount Totumas January 13th and within a couple of weeks of my arrival I will begin to post updates.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Jeff Dietrich

5 Responses to “2010 at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest”

  1. David says:

    Awesome Jeff! I will pass the word around here, and make a definite effort to get there in the near future. Keep up the great work brotha!


  2. Hi Jeff,
    Great to see such an ambitious and clear plan, though you will be missed here in Seattle.

    It’s exciting, what you have going on at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest! I’m looking forward to adding the page you mentioned when you are ready.

    Meantime, we four gotta get together before you leave.

  3. Natalie Faris says:

    We are traveling through Costa Rica and Panama in February. We are interested in visiting your home and volunteering to help enhance the property. We are both skilled gardeners and also are experienced/knowledgeable in irrigation, forestry, and tree harvesting. Please send us information on the projects that we can help with and how to get to you from the Osa Peninsula. We look forward to hearing back from you all.
    Thank you ,
    Natalie and Sam

  4. admin says:

    Hi Natalie and Sam,

    Thanks for your interest. I will send you an e-mail shortly. We are booked from Feb 12 until the 22nd but have some space for volunteers afterwards. More info to follow. \


  5. Alma de la Rosa Dietrich says:

    So exciting!!!!Wow, the diversity of the moths/butterflies were amazing! Great feedback from lots of people. I can’t wait to be there….I am counting the days.

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