Herpetology at MTCF

Salamander (lost tail) Bolitoglossa compacta 2624m

Rhadinaea calligaster. 2450m

During a recent ascent to the top of Mount Totumas on February 16 we added two species to the growing herpetology list spotted at MTCF, a salamander and snake shown here.

Katie McDonald, a post doc marine biologist from the Smithsonian and her friend Will joined the ascent to the peak of Mount Totumas when we spotted these two species.

A herpetology slide show of images taken here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest during the past 18 months.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Jeff: The green lizard was always hanging out in the bathroom at the house when it was outdoor or open air. People would nearly have a heart attach and exit with their drawers down. I bought a really exotic shower curtain that was green with all colors and kinds of frogs on it for the lizard to blend in and avoid a heart attack. The lizard left and never was found inside the bathroom again. Frankly the frogs were wilder looking than the lizard. Joyce

  2. Peter Schulte says:

    Awesome slide show — really beautiful and unique new photos in the blog!

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