A new orchid at MTCF

On the cascade trail by the upper falls at the base of a big dead tree trunk is a massive orchid with long cane like leaves. I noticed it sent out a flower spike about a month ago and I finally had time to get back there and check it out. It was in full bloom, hundreds of small purple white flowers in clusters at the end of the flower spike. This specimen was growing about 6 feet off the ground and didn’t seem to get much light.

Below is an additional species in bloom at the moment. Very abundant and is often the dominant epiphyte growing on the main trunk and large branches of trees. It can tolerate almost direct sunlight as it continues to thrive in full sun on dead trees.

The photo album of blooming orchids at MTCF is slowly growing. I do not have a reference book on orchids of Costa Rica or Panama and would like to key out some of these species. If anyone knows of a good orchid guide for the region send me an e-mail.

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