Mist opens the secrets of the forest

As we transition into the rainy season there are more frequent mists and clouds that move through the forests and pastures increasing the chance of intimate encounters with wildlife. In the glaring sun Three Wattled Bellbirds and Resplendent Quetzals stay hidden in the shadows of the sub canopy. This shyness disappears when clouds provide a protective blanket and these birds will often be seen in more exposed locations. The Ornate Hawk Eagle shown here watched us calmly from his forest perch as the mists moved through the understory.

When you are in the forest on a sunny day you are truly outside. On a misty cloudy day the blue infinity is replaced with a low ceiling where one feels the horizon shrink like you were inside a large room.

A short video of a pair of Resplendent Quetzals hanging in the mist. Click on the link. watch?v=F-7yGVmmYRs

A Magnificent Hummingbird on an exposed perch as the clouds start to lift.

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