Bird Houses at MTCF

7 Birdhouses made of sections of 4 inch PVC pipe went up around the cabin and main house at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest today.

We drilled 4 different diameter holes varying from 1.5 to 3 inches in size. There are several species of cavity nesters seen around the common area like Resplendent Quetzals, Orange Bellied and Collared Trogons, Emerald Toucanet, Blue Crowned Motmot, Elegant Euphonia.

Shane is painting the roof

Camouflage materials like sawdust, lichens, green and grey paint are added to blend the birdhouses into the environment.

Up they go into the cedro tree located right near the main house.

Tie wire from the construction supplies is used to fasten the birdhouses on to the trees. Grooves were sawed into the PVC to hold the wire firmly in place.

Bromeliads were stuffed around the outside edges to help further integrate the bird houses into the epiphyte rich habitat found on the trees. With time they should attach. The bottom of the birdhouse has a drainage and sawdust was used as a fill.

We’ll come back next spring during breeding season and report on the success or failure of these nest boxes in attracting some of our local species. Bare Shanked Screech Owl is another hopeful candidate that has been spotted recently attracted to the insects on the bug lights.

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