Our first cabin…..done.

The end of a 15 month project. Our first cabin was built with local labor, wood harvested from our own forests, furniture and finished carpentry contracted and purchased from local sources with the exception of the couch and appliances.

View from corner of the loft with single bed down to the living room.

Kitchen with tempered glass windows and roof lighting. This was inspired by the cabin in Seattle where we lived for 5 years. Thank you Jerry.

First floor bedroom with queen bed.

View from first floor living room toward the first floor bedroom and loft.

Loft with 2 queen beds and divider for storing clothes, flashlights, binoculars field guides and butterfly nets!

Single bed in corner of loft accessed via narrow walkway.

Loft with bed and bathroom.

Looking down on living room from the loft

Downstairs bathroom with shower bath and skylight of tempered glass.

Custom designed bathtub. Hot water from the dump of the hydro plant will be pumped into this tub. Look for a future blog entry on this. Hot shower is working but this bath feature will have to wait a few additional improvements.

View of cabin from the next cabin site. The pine trees on the left and right are non native and planted in the mid 80’s. The trees on the left will be removed in the next couple of months and the timber used for tongue and groove interior walls of our next cabin.

Old stumps and fence posts are used in landscaping attaching orchids and bromeliads.

Cabin and main house with Mount Totumas at 2630m in the background.

The first guests staying in the new cabin where from the McGuire Research Institute of Gainsville Florida. They covered the deck with sheets and lights and where able to collect their specimens walking only 5 feet from the work station they set up on the dining room table!

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