A 3 Monkey Day

Looking back this past summer a walk with one of our visiting groups resulted in a first. All three species of monkey were spotted on the same day while hiking La Puma Trail; Mantled Howler, Squirrel Monkey and White Faced Capuchin. The above photo was taken over a year ago through a spotting scope

These Squirrel Monkeys are the most animated of the 3 species. They have prehensile tails and jump up and down when alarmed, shaking branches and breaking off twigs and throwing them down from the tree tops.

Squirrel Monkey jumping in the air.

Squirrel Monkey looking at you looking at him.

The White Faced Capuchin’s were spotted while leaping away. They are wary and we have not yet gained their trust. For that reason we have planted some corn along the edge habitat of pasture and forest. Apparently they can not resist com :)

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