Cherimoya Joy

The Cherimoya Anonna cherimola, native of Andean highlands, is well adapted to the highlands of Western Panama. We are greatful to the previous owners of MTCF who had the foresight to plant some trees. We are starting seedlings for future plantings around the cabins. They are perhaps the most delicious of the Annona genus as they combine the sweetness of the custard apple with the tartness of the Soursop. There is an arboreal mammal called an Olingo Bassaricyon gabbii (Mapachi) that has been coming around at night trying to feed on the fruit. We harvested these hard and let them riped wrapped in newspapers and stored in a dark place. In 5 days they were perfect.

Other members of this genus include custard apple (A. reticulata), cherimoya (A. cherimola), Soursop/guanĂ¡bana (A. muricata), sweetsop (A. squamosa), ilama (A. diversifolia), soncoya (A. purpurea), atemoya (a cross between A. cherimola and A. squamosa). North America has the native pond apple Annona glabra and Pawpaw Asimina triloba

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