Update on our petit MTCF Coffee Plantation

In the summer of 2011 we planted 1500 coffee seedlings  consisting of 5 different varieties; Caturra, Tipica, Geisha, Catuai and Pacamara. The results after one year are as follows; Cattura and Pacamara had high mortality and low growth. Typica had some die off but many healthy seedlings. Geisha and Catuai both thrived with low mortality. Main problem is control of Derrite fungus which we now have a good treatment regimen with two different copper based fungicides. Organic fertilizers are applied to roots during the rainy season and a foliage fertilizer is applied during the dry season.

In the summer of 2012 we purchased an additional 500 Geisha seedlings to replace the Pacamara and Caturra plants. Next year we plan on adding 500 Catuai, 300 on a minimal shade area 200 in shade to replace lost seedlings.

80% of the coffee area is shaded, the dominate shade trees are Inga sp., a nitrogen fixing legume tree of the area.  Geisha requires shade, Catuai can handle full sun. Local coffee growers at our elevation of 1800m have confirmed independently to us that Geisha and Catuai are the best adapted to our conditions.

Some of the seedlings have reached 30 inches already but due to the slower growth rate at our elevation (1800m) we wont see coffee production for another 2-3 years.  Our elevation is about the upper limit for coffee cultivation but we are hopeful that we will grow a superior coffee since Geisha and Catuai expresses its best qualities when grown at high elevation.

Our future coffee harvest is destined for our own consumption and to roast on site to sell to guests. Any additional production will be sent to the USA to support my nephew Robbie Dietrich’s business in Charleston South Carolina   http://www.cuponwheels.com/

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