Sandy’s embryo blew down a Fiery Throated Hummingbird

Hurricane Sandy was born in the Carribean as a low pressure system off the coast of Panama and Costa Rica during mid October. Since MTCF is located only 2 km from the continental divide that separates Boca de Toro from Chiriqui, we experienced torrential rains from the low pressure system that formed Sandy. This happened again in late November when the low pressure system that flooded Colon also dumped a good 15 inches of rain at MTCF. At its worst the Rio Colorado at the border of our property became impassable and when the waters receded we had to repair the damage in order to be able to cross the river with our truck.

It was during this month of low pressure systems crossing over the continental divide that we had the first time visitor of a Fiery Throated Hummingbird on our feeders. We spotted this hummer only a few times in the past years when hiking in the upper elevations above 2100m in La Amistad NP. We assume the powerful northern rains that crossed over from the Carribbean, Sandy’s embryo, brought this spectacular hummingbird down to our feeders. Once the rains started to subside in early December this hummingbird was gone. Unfortunately I only had my point and shoot Lumix camera to document this incredible bird…… (The lens of my Nikon D90 is at service with fungus problems). We now have 14 species of hummingbirds that have visited our feeders.

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